Thrashville rises again with first five bands released

Thrashville kicks off with first five acts for September 11.

Australia is indeed the fortunate country when it comes to live music gatherings.

Dashville is excited to announce the first five acts for ‘slightly heavier’ music event Thrashville, as it makes a gallant return, Saturday 11th September 2021.

A one-day festival, currently featuring around sixteen spots on the bill, Thrashville kicks things off today with the ‘first furious five’, featuring one of Australia’s most respected vocalists, Rob Younger with his band The New Christs, Melbourne post-punk trio Cable Ties, Sydney’s death metal Flaming Wrekage, South Coast hardcore punkers The Owen Guns and thrustcore innovators Rick Dangerous & The Silkie Bantams.

Bouncing around the pandemic pogo stick, it’ll be the second time heavy music fans get a taste of Thrashville in 2021, with the February 13 event being the return of the postponed 2020 event.

After such an overwhelmingly positive experience from all involved with the February event, it was a relative ‘no brainer’ to jump straight back on the steel horse to plan for the September event.

The one-of-a-kind regional all-inclusive heavy music festival has had an overwhelming response via the website, receiving a mountain of applications from punk, metal, rock performers across Australia eager to perform. Such incredible interest has spurred organisers into a belief that an additional third stage may just be a viable thing to allow more bands the opportunity to play.

Traditionally a two-stage festival, organisers have retreated from a full announce while they go back to the drawing board to toy with the idea of adding an additional stage, in an effort to support local and emerging bands in the region.

Organiser Matt Johnston outlines:

“At Dashville festivals we don’t like to put a band on at the same time as another. With Thrashville though the demand for bands wanting to play is through the roof. We reckon as long as we can get enough of an audience, a third stage could actually be a viable thing given we have the space.”

Artists applications are still open but hurry as the full line up for Thrashville will be announced later next month.  For applications, tickets & more info – head to

For now though, please welcome the first five hand-picked acts for Thrashville, September 11, 2021.


The first five

The New Christs

Kicking around since the early 80s, The New Christs bring garage rock to the official 2021 Thrashville serving. Reborn over the years their loyal fanbase speaks volumes to their persistence and honesty. We keen to rock into the bush with these Aussie legends.

Cable Ties

Cable Ties take the three minute punk burner and stretch it past breaking point to deliver smouldering feminist anthems. Post-punk and garage rock hammered together by a relentless rhythmic pulse. Three friends summoning a tide to deliver anthems that turn latent anxieties into a rallying cry.  Zip yourself in for a cracker of a set at Thrashy with this trio.

Flaming Wrekage

Flaming Wrekage blazes on in from the thrash/ death metal scene, ready to light the Thrashville stage on fire in September. Their latest offering, Cathedral Of Bones, offers 9 unrelenting tracks that are taking them on a tour this year, no stage is safe.

The Owen Guns

Get some punk up ya with The Owen Guns. These quick shooting hardcore punks take no bullshit and keep no survivors. Welcome to Thrashville 2021 to these cats who released new EP “Electric Boogaloo” just a couple weeks ago.

Rick Dangerous & the Silkie Bantams

Pioneers at the forefront of the Thrustcore revolution, Rick Dangerous & the Silkie Bantams emerged from the seedy slums of southern Sydney in the wee hours of 2013. Armed with little more than their original teeth, a twinkle in their eyes they assembled to inappropriately suckle at the teat of the Australian music scene. Welcome aboard.


Thrashville took a break in the summer of 2019 due to the rural event site facing the effects of extreme drought and soaring summer temperatures. The decision to return left ambiguous for the remainder of 2019 due to the heightened tension created by the NSW Liberal Government’s Music Festival license scheme.

As Thrashville geared up for a 2020 return, the effects the COVID-19 pandemic on mass gatherings led to the festival's cancellation.

Through perseverance, blood, sweat and tears, the mighty Angeroo rises from the ashes in 2021 not once but twice.

February 2021 saw the rescheduled 2020 event rip in, while in September 2021 sees this year's official serving.

Thrashville, much loved by the local heavy music scene, provides an under catered music community a special opportunity to come together and enjoy both local and interstate artists in a relaxed outdoor setting.

Combined with pro skateboarding displays and live visual art, Dashville is endeavouring to continue providing a space for many who embrace the slightly heavier alternatives within music and art.

Please head to the Thrashville website for further info.

20210214_Thrashville 2021_7531

The grassroots music festival was first established in 2017, with Nirvana’s favourite band, Cosmic Psychos headlining an action packed day full of great local and interstate heavy music acts.

In January 2018, after its breakthrough debut, Thrashville returned with another huge display of live visual art and a line up featuring punk legends Frenzal Rhomb and King Parrot.


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