Dashville Skyline this weekend, is going to raise the bar.

12 years ago when we started doing festivals in the paddock, I do recall dreaming about what I see in place for this one, but could never imagine we'd actually get there...

Not only will you enjoy an amazing festival this weekend, but you're also going to see the fruits of a decade long journey of resilience, dedication and debuggery building the Dashville dream.

With a whole bunch of fine essential friends helping us along the way, whilst I feel the effects of my mothers excitement, I thank you all for your support in allowing us to get this far.

It is something quite unique we have built here.

So with this being a new festival you need to make sure you are aware of the rules and changes to what you may be used to with other Dashville events.
Please read through the recently updated Event information page on the website, so you can be sure you're doing it right and making the most of your fine weekend at our home in Belford.


Please ensure that you have told everybody that you know that they need to attend this festival. Numbers aren't terrible, but we could certainly do with a few more. The first year of a festival is always hard and thanks to all those who have supported us in getting the word out on Skyline!


Rightio' back to building....

See you there!!

Magpie & The Johnston family xx


P.s  Don't forget your suncream, the weather is going to be amazing!