Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... there's a new cat in town.

Please welcome a fresh heavy music offering for the Hunter Valley.

From the creators of The Gum Ball, PigSty In July and Dashville Skyline comes Thrashville, an exciting new outdoor heavy music festival to be held Sat 21st January in the glorious grounds of Dashville at Belford in the Hunter Valley NSW.

Joining us for the inaugural event will be the legendary Australian punk band COSMIC PSYCHOS. Formed in 1977 by three farmers in regional Victoria, the Psychos had an unsung impact on the international music scene. Kurt Cobain and Nirvana were big fans, along with many of their fellow Seattle grunge luminaries.

Sydney’s equally iconic HARD-ONS will also be performing at Thrashville. Complimenting a solid list of bands, both young and old, coming together in a celebration of punk, rock and metal music, skateboarding, graff art and more.

Organisers are hopeful to establish this as an annual event for heavy music and are calling on fans of the genre to get behind the event to ensure it can remain a permanent fixture.



THRASHVILLE 2017: Cosmic Psychos + Hard-Ons + Clowns + Mischling + The Neptune Power Federation + Mucho Sonar + The Australian Beefweek Show + Zombonimo + Jen Buxton & The Slaughterhouse Five +Hownowmer + Glitoris + Anamata + Kill Dirty Youth + few more to be announced.



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