We're all looking forward to Dashville Skyline! I'll be like nothing else Dashville has seen before. Yes it'll be a weekend in the bush, full of incredibly great music, food and booze, but the fact is there is going to be some pretty cool shit happening at this shindig.

One of which we've titled, the 'Sunset Super Round.' Each night there will be an hour long tribute to some of the best songs ever written, performed exclusively by a selection of festival artists milling about the paddock (probably chewing on smokey bbq and drinking some kind of American inspired beverage I assume.)

So to have a bit of fun with it, we thought we'd stretch it past 'thy with guitar in hand' and give everyone the opportunity to play a bit of a role and list the songs you think should be performed.

I mean, we've all got a voice and we all know what we like...and don't like for that matter, so lets share our thoughts.

So please tell us what your favourite Americana songs are!

What song would you like to hear played at Dashville Skyline as part of the Sunset Super Round?

What are the songs that make you feel good? The ones that are guaranteed to ease a weary soul, the ones that we dream of listening to whilst we walk down some place we've never been before. Some of us are songwriters, some may be musicians, but all of us are into the music.

You can fill out the form as many times as you like, the list of songs that we create here is going to be piled together for all to see.

All the artists who will be performing their chosen cover song as part of the 'Skyline Super Round' will look (and probably contribute) to this list and if you're on the money, you might even find your beloved song recreated live in front of you.

If that wasn't enough, as an added bonus, one lucky voter is going to win a brand new Gretsch guitar signed by all the artists at Skyline, it'll be the only one in the world like it. Shit yeh, now that's something special!

Guitar up for grabs is a Gretsch G9515 Jim Dandy Flat Top Acoustic Guitar. You can vote in the poll to enter the competition but you must be at the festival to claim your prize.

Gretsch guitars